Valorant is out now, with a new Spike Rush mode, map and agent.

After Valorant beta closed, its now out for everyone to play and you can  start getting put down by people who have been practicing for months. Streamers like SHROUD, CHOCOTACA, JUST9N and SUMMIT1G have got real good in mastering Valorant agents with their specific powers. but not everything in the live version has been played by the closed beta lot.

Spike Rush is still in beta, though it’s available through the live game. It’s a more hectic version of the regular Spike mode, notably cutting down the number of rounds, making it a best of seven deal.

Valorant hasn’t launched with a competitive mode, but there is one on its way. “Our initial focus is making sure our service is stable before activating competitive matchmaking,” says Riot. Competitive will be available after a few patches.

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