Twitch removes TwitchCop emote ‘to prevent misuse’

TwitchCop is a global emote that, according to The Verge, was added to the platform following a fan vote in 2017. It was quietly removed from the platform yesterday, a move that Twitch said was to “prevent misuse.” The emote can no longer been seen at, although it’s still visible in a cached version. Twitch’s spokesperson also confirmed that no other emotes have been removed from the platform. Twitch didn’t say why the emote was removed, or whether it will be returned at some point in the future, but the move comes amidst ongoing protests against police violence and racism, spurred by the May 25 killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Earlier this week, Twitch also pledged to “make lasting change” to support black streamers and fight racism, and provided links to the Minnesota Freedom Fund and other related resources.
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