The easiest and most fun yoga poses to try out for beginners

Here are ten beginner poses (that will make a difference) for your flexibility, stress levels and overall well-being:

1. Cat and Cow

The Cat and Cow pose is perfect for restoring energy in your body and directly affects your spinal cord. First, plant your knees and hands on the ground, all fours, making sure that your shoulders align with your wrists and knees align with your hips. Inhale as you lift your head and buttocks while lowering your stomach. Exhale as you slowly lower your head, curve your spine and lower your tail bone. Breathe as you do these movements. With each breath, you’ll feel more of a range of motion and stress melting away.

2. Downward-Facing Dog

With downward-facing dog, think of the position as making a triangle with your body, and the floor is the bottom. Plant both feet close together and stick your buttocks up, the highest point of the triangle, and align your hands with your shoulders. This stretch is great for the spine as well and will ease tension in your shoulder muscles

3. Plank

The plank pose is great for strength. To do it, lie down on a Yoga mat and press your hands on it. Make sure your hands are under your shoulders and your toes are touching the mat.As if you are doing a push-up, lift your whole body off the ground, balancing on your hands which should align with your shoulders and your toes. Your body should look like a long board. I hold that pose for thirty or more seconds.

4. Warrior II

Think of the Warrior II pose as a lunge but with your arms stretched out, one in front and one behind you, forming a T with your upper body.This pose addresses balance and flexibility.

5. Crescent Lunge

Make a ninety degree angle with your right knee. Stretch your left leg back behind you and reach your arms toward the ceiling. This exercise promotes strength and tones the lower body.

6. Cobbler's Pose

Sit on the floor and position your legs as if they are butterfly wings. Your feet should be touching each other with your hands on your toes. Both of your knees should be bent. Slowly lean forward as far as you can and hold the pose.

7. Spinal twist

For the spinal twist, another favorite pose, sit down in staff pose on your mat. Bend your right knee and position your right foot beside your left outer thigh, touching the floor. Rotate your torso to the right and place your right hand on the floor behind your tail bone. With your left arm, wrap it around your right leg. Repeat on the opposite side.

8. Reclining goddess pose

Lie down on the floor and bring your feet together, bending both knees, forming a wide diamond shape with your legs. It helps to have a pillow under your knees and lower back for extra support. Once you’re lying down in that position, rest your arms beside your hips.

9. Bridge pose

The bridge, I love, and I do this every morning and night after a long work day. The pose will align your spine and hips and addresses strength and balance. Lie down on the floor or a mat and bend both knees, with feet planted on the ground. Have your hands at your side and press them into the mat while raising your hips upward, creating a slight diagonal line with your torso, stomach and upper thighs. Keep your shoulders on the ground as much as you can. Final Thoughts

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