Most played online Games in 2020

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We have done no rankings on which is played most and least since there are a lot of online gaming platforms, the rankings would have been inaccurate. here is a list.    


We can all admitt that even though you havent played it, you must have had of it. it surely has to go down as among the most important video games ever made. Epic Games’ battle royale game has totally recalibrated what it means to build and support a successful “live” service-style video game.


Grand Theft Auto V is still among the world’s most-played games. It’s a seemingly unstoppable force that always finds itself among the top 10 best-selling games each month. we must agree that atleast every game has played GTA

Call of Duty. Modern Warfare

if you need action an  have fun at the same time COD is alway your game to play. it has different gameplays  like Plunder,  Battle Royal which are pretty interesting and competitive 

Player Unknown Background

Pubg brought a whole new look on multiplayer game plays with 100 players in the same arena competing to take home the delicious chicken dinner. the weapons, graphics, character skins all combined to give a good feel of a great satisfying game

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It proved the perfect recipe of compelling gameplay, AAA production quality, and a free-to-play business model that saw it succeed in temporarily dethroning Fortnite and PUBG as most-played and most-watched multiplayer games.

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