Best Scary Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix in July 2020

Train to Busan

If zombies can’t die, then neither can their genre, as South Korean director Sang-ho Yeon proved with his 2016 full-throttle action-horror gem. Aboard a train from Seoul to Busan, a father and daughter spend their trip outmaneuvering hordes of flesh-eating zombies while glimpses of their country, teetering on the precipice of the apocalypse due to a viral outbreak

The Ring

It’s easy to forget just how big of a deal The Ring was when it came out in 2002, but the movie was a massive hit. It grossed nearly $250 million at the box office, and earned director Gore Verbinski his next job of taking the helm of a Disney movie called Pirates of the Caribbean. Horror remakes are tough, but this one succeeds wildly thanks to Verbinski’s strong handle on tone and tension. The story follows a journalist who investigates a cursed videotape that apparently kills anyone who watches it within seven days. There’s an engaging central mystery and enough atmosphere to make Robert Eggers jealous. – Adam Chitwood

The Silence of the Lambs

The great debate rages on: Does Jonathan Demme’s deeply disturbing Silence of the Lambs count as a horror film, or is it more of a super-intense drama? For our sake, the verdict doesn’t really matter, as Netflix has done the categorizing for us. Tucked into its digital library under the horror-genre label, the quid-pro-quo tale of FBI agent Clarice Starling and one of (if not) the most thrilling villains in cinema, Hannibal Lecter, is just awaiting your click-to-play. If ever there were a time to dust off that bottle of Chianti, it’s now.


Insidious packs on its roaming, fluid shots with endless amounts of tension and bursts of nightmarish nonsense. It’s one of those rare ghost tales that uses color with almost percussive attention, most notably in the bright red streaks of the man with the long, sharp nails…” It’s a welcome addition to the canon of horror films that deal with possession of children and spookified houses

The Perfection

A Netflix original starring Allison Williams (Girls) and Logan Browning (Dear White People), The Perfection is a genre-hopping nerve-rattler that morphs from body horror to psychological thriller to all-out grindhouse gore over the course of a quick 90 minutes. Williams and Browning play Charlotte and Lizzie, musical prodigy cellists who share more sordid secrets than they know, and do a solid job of guiding viewers through a narrative with more twists and turns than Stephen King’s stream of consciousness.
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